Research interests

  • computer graphics systems
  • computational models for geometric algebra
  • human-computer-interaction
  • medical extended reality (XR: VR, AR, MR)
  • spatial computing
  • illumination models and real-time rendering 
  • geometric algebra for computer graphics
  • GPU programming 
  • AR/VR gamification & game-based learning
  • virtual heritage
  • real-time physics simulation frameworks-engines
  • integrated VR/AR character simulation for interactive storytelling
  • human augmentation technologies
  • machine-learning for computer graphics

Selected Published Research Results

2021: Never drop the ball in the OR room: An efficient hand-based VR HMD controller interpolation algorithm, for collaborative, networked virtual environments [paper]

[youtube m-M3xKD0Hds]

2021: Deep-cut: An all-in-one Geometric Algorithm for Unconstrained Cut, Tear and Drill of Soft-bodies in Mobile VR [paper]

[youtube bjo_AAKRi3k]

2021: Covid-19 VR Strikes back: Innovative Medical-VR training [paper]

[youtube TayP2CIujDc]

2020: M.A.G.E.S. 3.0 Tying the knot of medical VR [paper]

[youtube htNeAU1QFV4]

2019: Transforming Medical Education and Training with VR using M.A.G.E.S. [paper]

[youtube 66OOop0eiOI]

2018: ORamaVR tech video

2018: Rapid reconstruction and simulation of real characters in Mixed Reality environments [paper]

[youtube WjcTPe5ZN2A]

2017: Psychomotor Surgical Training in Mixed Reality [paper]

[youtube Kpe6ARLqfYs]

2017: Augmented Cognition via Brainwave Entrainment in Virtual Reality: An Open, Integrated Brain Augmentation in a Neuroscience System Approach [paper]

[youtube esCNZZhBW0Q]

2017: Gamified Augmented and Virtual reality character rendering and animation enabling technologies [paper]

[youtube rjTg_KliWKY]

2017: Real-time rendering under distant illumination with Conformal Geometric Algebra [paper]

[youtube G0lbI0ipfxI]

2017: Psychomotor Surgical Training in Virtual Reality [paper]

[youtube 45RW8fWy_Wo]

2016: A Mobile, AR Inside-Out POsitional Tracking algorithm, (MARIOPOT), suitable for modern, affordable cardboard-style VR HMDs [paper]

[youtube E_SlWkBmxnE]

2016: An inclusive Conformal Geometric Algebra GPU animation interpolation and deformation algorithm [paper]

[youtube kht0Gixxajs]

2016: Mixed Reality Serious Games for smart education [paper]

[youtube 9mp5_7pvBWQ]

2016: A Conformal Geometric Algebra code generator comparison for Virtual Character Simulation [paper]

[youtube uupavS3vB6w]

2016: Life-sized Group and Crowd simulation in Mobile AR [paper]

[youtube yGINP8ZNFLI]

2015 Demo excerpt C: Mobile Virtual Reality featuring a six degrees of freedom interaction paradigm in a virtual museum application [based on this R&D]

[youtube a9B998vwAZQ]

2015 Demo excerpt B: Simulated virtual characters in mobile Augmented Reality (illustrated in the Kourion ancient theatre and the Asinou Byzantine church, Unesco cultural heritage sites, Cyprus) [based on this R&D]

[youtube 5ysAzfsSYYA]

2015 Demo excerpt A: Path-tracing global illumination and 3D reconstruction of the Macedonian Tomb of Philip II [based on this R&D]

[youtube KEBp-CMFJfQ]

2015: A fast and robust pipeline for populating mobile AR scenes with gamified virtual characters [paper]

[youtube jUJ2qflAJYE]

2014: A comparison of gamified, immersive Virtual Reality curation methods for enhanced presence [paper]

[youtube L_bq0vB2AlU]

2014: Mixed reality geometric algebra animation methods for gamified intangible heritage [paper]

[youtube WJ_15WNYl_c]

2014: Mobile, cross-platform, life-size animated virtual characters in indoors and outdoors AR scenes [paper]

[youtube WL8NZTUvBcU]

2014: glGA: an OpenGL Geometric Application framework for a modern, shader-based computer graphics curriculum

[youtube puDHaUN8Q_A]

2013: Geometric Algebra rotors for Skinned Character Animation Blending [paper]

[youtube TqfNapljrCY]

2013: Real-time Separable Subsurface Scattering for Animated Virtual Character rendering [paper]

[youtube YaHC_3Ot8N8]

2012: From real to virtual rapid architectural prototyping [paper]

[youtube -XQu2FqwbaE]

2012: Tech-demo: Geospatial technology meets Gamification II: Real-time 3D Scene editing [paper]

[youtube zBhP_7NhG1Y]

2012: Tech-demo: Geospatial technology meets Gamification I: GIS & Game Engine integration [paper]

[youtube P4tWkQixEVE]

2011: Real-time crowd simulation for 3D architectural pre-visualization [paper]

[youtube qeHl_VLwn10]

2010: Virtual Heritage: Gamification in ancient virtual theatrical play and actor simulation in HDR Image Based Lighting environments in Ancient Aspendos, Minor Asia [paper]

[youtube eNLTgfwYBS4]

2010: Bridging real and virtual worlds in serious games [paper]

[youtube iyDEbHV4Wow]

2009: Real-time GPU-based rendering & animation of the Xian Soldiers cultural heritage artifacts [paper]

[youtube zhpO1txDad0]

2009: Tech-demo Real-time Xian soldiers illumination simulation (dPRT algorithm) [paper]

[youtube egC7ruE7Eoc]

2009: Virtual Heritage simulation of an ancient theatrical play (Antigone by Sophocles) in ancient Aspendos, Minor Asia: act 2 [paper]

[youtube AM1V03M7ChE]

2009: Virtual Heritage simulation of an ancient theatrical play (Antigone by Sophocles) in ancient Aspendos, Minor Asia: act 1 [paper]

[youtube elJMWQPf35k]

2009: Self adaptive animation in Augmented Reality [paper]

[youtube wwLzzMjZGFU]

2008: Tech Demo: Integrating real occlusion rendering with AR characters (with real-time face, body, clothes simulation) in a Thermopolion scale model for ancient Pompeii, Italy[paper]

[youtube P_Dh5u5Ut9k]

2008: A dialogue-based, interactive Mixed Reality Framework for virtual humans [paper]

[youtube 5SEnFO107K0]

2007: An illumination registration model for virtual humans in mixed reality [paper]

[youtube Y5IlcQJ0hQA]

2006: LIFEPLUS, the making of the first word-wide Augmented Reality reconstruction of 3D virtual fauna and flora in the archaeological site of Ancient Pompeii, Italy[paper]

[youtube cvc5mtijP1w]

2006: Medical visualization – walking sequence using our integrated framework for character simulation VHD++ [paper]

[youtube 0Tphwl1OJ60]

2005: LIFEPLUS, real-time demo for the site of ancient Pompeii, Italy [paper]

[youtube EO8mMmZVZvU]

2005: Medical visualization – hip rotation using our integrated framework for character simulation VHD++ [paper]

[youtube _UL_G5OEl3Q]

2004: Modelling of bodies and clothes for virtual environments [paper]

[youtube e8t2rQ7pLmo]

2004: Tech Demo: Virtual SSergius&Bacchus edifice with global illumination simulation (Progressive Radiosity) [paper]

[youtube xwF4VqbPeeo]

2003: Medical visualization – Interactive VR storytelling for first-aid medical decision training & learning [paper]

[youtube JG4c3Io6-vM]

2002: Stable real-time interaction between virtual humans and real scenes [paper]

[youtube QWCaJGffqWg]

2002: Real-time Namaz Pray and acoustical evaluation in a crowded virtual heritage edifice [paper]

[youtube F56IT5QiiG4]

2001: Real-time photorealistic simulation of the SS. Sergius and Bacchus edifice [paper]

[youtube nWfXIT5TLpU]

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