Life-sized Group and Crowd simulation in Mobile AR

Zikas, P., Papaefhtymiou, M., Mpaxlitzanakis, V., Papagiannakis, G., “Life-sized Group and Crowd simulation in Mobile AR”, Computer Animation and Social Agents 2016, CASA’16, ACM Press, May 2016 [PDF]



When referring to augmented reality characters, their actual size comparing to their physical sur- roundings is an important factor responsible for creating more realistic and immersive environ- ments. By creating life-sized augmented charac- ters we are able to present them in real time with real characters and create applications where both real and digital characters co-exist, in ’life- size’ dimensions, as opposed to mostly small- scale AR characters. In this work, we have cre- ated AR crowd and group simulations with life- sized augmented characters that simulate crowd behavior with real human locomotive motions and body gestures.