Mixed-reality geometric algebra animation methods for gamified intangible heritage

Papagiannakis, G., Greasidou, E., Trahanias, P., Tsioumas, M., “Mixed-reality geometric algebra animation methods for gamified intangible heritage,” International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era, vol. 3, No.4, pp. 683–699, Apr. 2015 [PDF]

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In this work we propose a novel, mobile, cross-platform open framework specifically for animated, skinned and life-size augmentations of real scenes with virtual characters. Already ten years ago we had demonstrated such technologies on the site of ancient Pompeii however, with a VR/AR closed-system running on a powerful mobile workstation hidden on a backpack. Nowadays we exhibit similar functionality running on modern smartphones running on an open-source, cross-platform gamification framework. Due to the openness of this framework we integrate a modern AR markerless camera tracking toolkit coupled with our novel algorithm for animation interpolation blending based on geometric algebra, which would not be otherwise easily achievable only in commercial, off-the-self toolkits. Thus our approach allows for open-standards research in virtual character simulation as well as novel AR augmentations for the creative and cultural heritage industries. Based on recent Mixed Reality software 3D platforms and 3D content creation pipelines, intangible digital heritage environments can benefit significantly from such versatile, efficient and robust 3D gamification methodologies.