Recreating Daily Life in Pompeii

Magnenat-Thalmann, N., Papagiannakis, G., “Recreating Daily Life in Pompeii”, VAR-Virtual Archaeology Review, ISSN 1989-9947, also presented in Arqueologica 2.0 (2009), vol. 1 (2) pp. 16-20, May 2010


We propose an integrated Mixed Reality methodology for recreating ancient daily life that features realistic simulations of animated virtual human actors (clothes, body, skin, face) who augment real environments and re-enact staged storytelling dramas. We aim to go further from traditional concepts of static cultural artifacts or rigid geometrical and 2D textual augmentations and allow for 3D, interactive, augmented historical character-based event representations in a mobile and wearable setup. This is the main contribution of the described work as well as the proposed extensions to AR Enabling technologies: a VR/AR character simulation kernel framework with real-time, clothed virtual humans that are dynamically superimposed on live camera input, animated and acting based on a predefined, historically correct scenario. We demonstrate such a real-time case study on the actual site of ancient Pompeii. [PDF]