Believability and Presence in Mobile Mixed Reality Environments

Papagiannakis, G., Kim, H., Magnenat-Thalmann, N., “Believability and Presence in Mobile Mixed Reality Environments”, IEEE VR2005 Workshop on Virtuality Structures, Bonn, March 2005



Mixed Realities (MR) and their concept of cyber-real space interplay invoke such interactive ’touching’ experiences that promote new patterns of believability and presence. Believability is a term used to measure the realism of interaction in the MR environments. Presence is defined as the measure that is used to convey the feeling of ‘being there’. A rich media storytelling case study is used as an example for illustrating the effects of introduction of virtual characters in mobile AR. Although presence is strengthened, believability is not keeping its pace, due to limited interaction between the real participants and the virtual characters, as part of limitations of mobile technology. In this work we are addressing the issues of creating interactive applications for mobile MR, in order to deliver ‘real’ experiences. We argue that future steps in mobile MR enabling technologies should cater for enhanced social awareness of the virtual humans to the real world and new channels for interactivity between the real users and virtual actors. Only then the believability factor of virtuality structures will be enhanced and allow for compelling real experiences through mobile virtual environments. [PDF]