Real-Time Virtual Humans in AR Sites

Papagiannakis, G., Schertenleib, S., Ponder, M., Arevalo-Poizat, M., Magnenat-Thalmann, N., Thalmann, D., “Real-Time Virtual Humans in AR Sites”, IEE Visual Media Production (CVMP04), pp. 273-276, London, March 2004



In this paper we present our work on the LIFEPLUS EU IST project. LIFEPLUS proposes an innovative 3D reconstruction of ancient frescos-paintings through the real-time revival of their fauna and flora, featuring groups of virtual animated characters with artificial life dramaturgical behaviors, in an immersive AR environment. The goal of this project is to push the limits of current Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, exploring the processes of narrative design of fictional spaces where users can experience a high degree of realistic interactive immersion. Based on a captured/real-time video of a real scene, the project is oriented in enhancing these scenes by allowing the possibility to render realistic 3D simulations of virtual characters in real-time. Although initially targeted at Cultural Heritage Centers and Sites, the paradigm is by no means limited to such subjects, but encompasses all types of future Location-Based Entertainments, E- visitor Attractions, e-Worker training schemes as well as on-set visualizations for the TV/movie industry. In this paper we provide an overview of the project and the technologies being employed and finally we present early results based on the ongoing research. [PDF]