Stable Real-Time Interaction Between Virtual Humans and Real Scenes

Vacchetti, L., Lepetit, V., Papagiannakis, G., Ponder, M., Fua, P., Magnenat-Thalmann, N., Thalmann, D., “Stable Real-Time Interaction Between Virtual Humans and Real Scenes”, 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling 2003 (3DIM03), pp. 449-456, Banff, Alberta, IEEE Computer Society Press, October 2003



Augmented Reality systems can be effectively used to enhance manifacturing and industrial processes. However, not all the existing prototypes of AR systems can be used in industrial environment, due to heavy constrains such as low robustness or cumbersome equipment. Our Augmented Reality system relies on purely passive techniques to solve the real-time reg- istration problem and it can run on a portable PC. We com- bine a powerful VR framework with Computer Vision tech- niques, turning it into an Augmented Reality system. The re- sulting system allows us to produce complex rendering and animation of virtual human characters, and to blend them into the real world. The system tracks the 3D camera position by means of a natural features tracker, which, given a rough CAD model, can deal with complex 3D objects. The tracking method is robust and can handle large camera displacements and aspect changes. The target applications of our AR sys- tem are industrial maintenance, repair and training. The AR system is able to work in real environments such as indus- trial facilities and not only in the laboratory, since it relies on robust Computer Vision techniques. [PDF]