Real-Time recreated ceremonies in VR restituted cultural heritage sites

Papagiannakis, G., Foni, A., Magnenat-Thalmann, N., “Real-Time recreated ceremonies in VR restituted cultural heritage sites”, CIPA XIXth International Symposium, pp.235-240, Antalya, September 2003



This paper presents the case study of a real-time interactive digital narrative and real-time visualisation of the Namaz Pray of a simulated Ottoman Imam in the 16th century virtually restored mosque of Küçük Aya Sofya (previous St. Sergius and Bacchus church) as well as in the Hagia Sophia mosque (previous cathedral of Hagia Sophia), in Istanbul, Turkey. Inspired by a hermeneutical approach, this case study illustrates that the abandonment of traditional concepts of static cultural artefacts with interactive, augmented historical character-based narrative representations, can propel virtual reconstructions of cultural heritage sites to an exciting new edutainment medium. Furthermore, as the cultural tradition is conceived as a reservoir of living forces that can be experienced only if it is freed from the petrifaction exerted during the centuries, a reconstruction and real-time immersive visualisation is presented that captures such ‘living forces’ by simulating these edifices both as churches (original form) and as mosques, fully respecting the archaeological, historical and architectural premises. Instrumental to that approach is the rapid real- time immersive 3D application prototyping, that it is feasible only due to the adoption a component-based real-time framework for VR character simulation. [PDF]