Real-Time Photo Realistic Simulation of Complex Heritage Edifices

Papagiannakis, G., L’Hoste, G., Foni, A., Magnenat-Thalmann, N., “Real-Time Photo Realistic Simulation of Complex Heritage Edifices”, Proc. of Virtual Systems and Multimedia 2001 (VSMM01), pp. 218-227, IEEE Computer Society Press, Berkeley, September 2001



In this paper, we describe a new methodology for 3D photo realistic reconstruction and real- time simulation of complex heritage edifices, using widely available standard tools. The Virtual heritage environments reconstructed with our methodology, rely as much on sound historical scientific evidence as on clarity of representation, utilising the latest in advanced real time rendering and illumination techniques. The aim is to build compelling, interactive and highly realistic virtual cultural reconstructions, as their static lighting is based on premium pre- calculated lighting data. This data is obtained by the use of appealing photo realistic lighting models, such as the Radiosity global illumination technique. The resulting high-quality lighting information is stored in 2-D textures called light maps, which according to the multi-pass multitexture technique, are blended in real-time with the model’s ordinary texture maps. The real-time experience is also accompanied with an integrated atmospheric simulation based on particle systems. The whole methodology is based not on proprietary commercial 3D Game engines, but on international open standard programming languages and APIs, while leaving the user to freely select and use his/her 3D character-modelling package of choice. [PDF]